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  • Haensel

    German luthier Andreas Haensel wins gold and silver in Pisogne


    The maker won for two of his instruments at the 5th International Violin Making Competition

  • AmatiViolaFront

    3D Imaging: Girolamo Amati contralto viola


    In The Strad's October 2014 issue, we report on the investigation into a recently rediscovered contralto viola by Girolamo Amati, which involved CT scanning, macro photography and 3D imaging. This 360-degree rendering of the viola's interior was made by Violinforensic, using scans taken at the Vienna Micro-CT Lab.The ...

  • Indy1 049

    Violin, viola, cello and bow makers honoured at 2014 VSA competition


    Nine gold medals were awarded at this year's Violin Society of America international makers' competition, held in Indianapolis, Indiana, from 15-21 September. Jeff Phillips received a gold medal in the violin category for tone and workmanship - his third in a row, having won golds in both 2010 ...

  • Violin_Making1

    Moscow violin making competition announces winners


    The ‘Violin: Soul and Shape' event took place this month, recognising makers in several categories

  • WestDean

    West Dean College instrument making tutor Shem Mackey receives QEST Award


    The Award for excellence in British craftsmanship recognises his contribution to instrument making through research and tuition

  • William-Salchow

    US bow maker William Salchow dies aged 88


    The New York-based craftsman had a 50-year career and was a formative influence on the next generation of makers

  • Mystery_March28
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    From the archive: a violin by Omobono Stradivari, Cremona, 1740


    This illustration of a 1740 Omobono Stradivari violin was published in The Strad, August 1929. The following text is extracted from an article accompanying the photographs: As long ago as the occasion of the 1872 Exhibition, the question of the degree of participation by the sons of ...

  • Mystery_March21

    From the archive: a violin by Joseph Guarnerius, 1744


    This illustration of a 1744 Joseph Guarnerius violin was published in The Strad, June 1926. The following text is extracted from an article accompanying the photographs: This violin, formerly belonging to Emile Sauret, is one of the finest examples of this maker’s later period, and is wonderfully ...

  • Cremona_ASQ

    A Brief Survey of Summer Festivals Without All the Bother of Joining a String Quartet – Part Seven


    American String Quartet violist Daniel Avshalomov visits Cremona, home of Stradivari, to meet current Cremonese luthiers, Eva and Hristo Marino

  • MysteryMarch7

    From the archive: a cello by G.B. Gabrielli, Florence, 1756


    This illustration of a 1756 G.B. Gabrielli cello was published in The Strad, September 1953. The following text is extracted from an article accompanying the photographs: Giovanni Baptista Gabrielli was one of the best of a numerous band of eighteenth century Florentine makers, which included Pietro Anselmo and Gasparo Assalone. ...

  • five string

    How to make a five-string viola


    The five-stringed viola represents a creative and technical challenge for both players and luthiers. Ariane Todes talks to some of the people who are exploring its exciting possibilities

  • roger-hargrave-bass

    Making a double bass


    Constructing a double bass brings with it challenges of design and method, size and sound, cost and travel – as experienced German-based British luthier Roger Hargrave found when making his first bass

  • Lise_Jorgensen

    Danish violin maker Lise Jørgensen dies aged 51


    Danish violin maker and restorer Lise Ingeborg Jørgensen has died aged 51 following a long battle with cancer.  Jørgensen became interested in violins while at school, and at 19 began training at the Pauli Merling Violin workshop in Copenhagen under the guidance of maker and restorer Poul ...

  • Mystery_March14

    From the archive: a violin by P.G. Mantegazza, Milan, 1760


    This illustration of a 1760 P.G. Mantegazza violin was published in The Strad, October 1969. The following text is extracted from an article accompanying the photographs: Pietro Giovanni Mantegazza is the best known of a prominent group of makers, dealers and restorers who worked in Milan during the 18th century. ...

  • Musicians and instruments copy

    A luthier's tribute to Nelson Mandela


    Inspired by South Africa's Nobel Peace Prize winners, luthier Brian Lisus made a quartet of instruments that could spread a message of reconciliation and help some of the world's poorest children to make music. Peter Somerford traces its evolution

  • Zosimo-Bergonzi-violin

    Swiss violin maker identifies rare Bergonzi violin


    A violin maker and dealer based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, has identified the only known full-size violin by Zosimo Bergonzi (1724–79). Zosimo was the son of the great Cremonese luthier Carlo Bergonzi, and the brother of Michel Angelo Bergonzi. Up until now the only evidence of Zosimo's ...

  • Brian_gray

    Violin master toolmaker Brian Hart dies


    Brian Hart, an industrial toolmaker who found success creating bespoke clamps and implements for violin makers, has died at the age of 77. Hart started his career making tools for engineering components but later switched to creating devices for stringed instrument, becoming known as a clamping guru for his range ...

  • snapshot20131107100614

    What happened at the 2013 China International Violin and Bow Making Competition


    With an array of experts in attendance, Beijing's international violin and bow making competition was an engrossing affair. Nancy Pellegrini hears a range of views on the industry, and China's growing position within it

  • Pierrick SARTRE Pisogne no cr

    Swiss luthier Pierrick Sartre wins gold in Pisogne


    The gold medal at the 4th International Violin Making Competition of the Associazione Nazionale Liuteria Artistica Italiana (ANLAI) in Pisogne, Italy, has been won by Swiss luthier Pierrick Sartre. Silver went to Oh Dong Hyun, from South Korea, and Andreas Haensel, from Germany, took bronze. Extra medals were awarded to ...

  • China Competition

    China's international lutherie competition announces results


    The results are in from the second China International Violin Making and Bow Making Competition, held in Beijing. In the violin division, the gold medal and 120,000 yuan (€14,500) prize went to Xiangwei Chen from China. Chen also won the silver medal. Bronze went to Min Sung Kim from Italy. ...