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Violin maker Otto Schünemann: A Romantic visionary


Although Otto Schünemann’s violins were praised by everyone from Vuillaume to Sarasate, his name is barely recognised today. Clifford Hall tells the story of this idealistic luthier who strove to bring the glories of the Cremonese masters to 19th-century Germany

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Scarampella and Gadda: The art of the deal


Signed 100 years ago, an agreement between luthier Stefano Scarampella and his apprentice Gaetano Gadda has recently been discovered. Philip Kass explains how it shines a light on the business relationship between two of Mantua’s leading 20th-century makers

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Elias Placht: how one man founded the violin making tradition of Schönbach


By the early 20th century, the town of Schönbach was producing tens of thousands of violins per year – but the industry began with just one man. Christian Hoyer sifts through the records to reveal the life and legacy of Elias Placht

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