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The Strad Calendar 2022: Pietro Guarneri of Venice violin 1725

2021-10-27T11:30:00+01:00By Hubert de Launay

Known as the ‘Reine Elisabeth’, this is the most expensive instrument bought by the Dutch Musical Instruments Foundation

Mantegazza viola front view

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In Focus: Team Player


Sam Zygmuntowicz examines the large proportions of this 1796 Mantegazza viola, which give it a powerful sound that makes it ideal for string quartets. From December 2003

Slava Strad front

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In Focus: From Strad to Slava


The ’Duport’ cello is a fine example of Stradivari’s ‘Form B Piccola’. Samuel Zygmuntowicz examines Rostropovich’s own instrument, in this article from October 1997

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‘I want to explore great repertoire and believe I have something to add; I have a unique voice and feel it should be heard’
US violinist Chad Hoopes on making unconventional career choices, and sharing his knowledge with the next generation of players.

‘I can certainly understand why an artist who has met obstruction at every level would feel angry’
Why are black musicians still under-represented in the US classical music world? We talk to string players across the country about how things could change.

'Should we copy what we see now, incorporate personal preferences, or adapt to the wood differences?'
Will a Stradivari copy sound like a Strad?

''The objective was Bach, not Biondi'' Violinst Fabio Biondi on his new recording of the Bach Sonatas and Partitas.

With a large and growing music community, the San Francisco Bay Area became a hotbed of violin and bow making talent in the early 20th century.

'The publication of "Traditional" Scottish tunes was a profitable endeavour in the early 18th century' The trend of combining Scots folk melodies and Italian art music grew fashionable in 18th-century drawing rooms.



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