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Baroque Set-up: In a Land without Rules


With the growth in popularity of historically informed performance, more players are requesting Baroque-style instruments – but the process of converting an instrument is fraught with uncertainty. Sarah Peck presents an overview of the Baroque set-up process, and corrects some common misconceptions along the way

Bromp_Viola dAmore_JU Eberle 1759

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Auction Report: June 2022


Kevin MacDonald finds some unusual offerings, including an interesting quartet of bows, at the capital’s March auctions

August Rau portrait

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August Rau: The old-fashioned way


At a time when bow making in Germany was leaning towards industrialisation, August Rau kept up the tradition of independent craftsmanship. Gennady Filimonov tells the story of his long career and examines several examples of his work

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‘When we're on stage we would die for our music’
The Pavel Haas Quartet gives a lively account of their first two decades together, and their upcoming Brahms recording, in conversation with Tom Stewart.

‘The first time I performed on stage, I hit a chord fortissimo and an embarrassingly large plume of rosin was lit up by the stage lights’
Celliest Billy Tobenkin’s passion for cello playing began at the ripe old age of 25. The late starter discusses the pitfalls and triumphs of his learning experience.

‘Of all the instruments I've owned, the "Baron Knoop" is the most happy-sounding’
Christian Lloyd talks to American collector David Fulton about his legendary array of old Italian instruments, including some of the finest Stradivaris in existence.

‘We are certainly looking to play the Gregson quartets again, having put so much work into them’
The four members of the Navarra Quartet talk to Tim Homfray about their latest recording of works by veteran British composer Edward Gregson.

‘We are very passionate people. We are confident, but without ever feeling entitled’
Jacqueline Vanasse reports on String Playing in Serbia where the approach to teaching and playing has a distinct ethos where individuality goes hand in hand with mutual respect.

In recent years, examining instruments under different kinds of light has become standard practice. Leonhard Rank shows what secrets can be revealed using fluorescence



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