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    A mystery unveiled: the makers of Ferrara

    While scholars have scrutinised the making traditions of various Italian cities, the luthiers of Ferrara have been largely neglected – until now. Florian Leonhard presents the results of recent archival research into Alessandro Mezzadri and the Marconcini family, along with notes on their making styles

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    The bows of Richard Otto Gläsel

    A selection of bows by the German-born bow maker (1885-1931), whose work exhibits the influence of Claude Thomassin and other French artisans of the era

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    Bow maker Richard Otto Gläsel: Parisian splendour

    Having perfected his skills in the French capital, German bow maker Richard Otto Gläsel was much inspired by the work of his Gallic forebears, from Voirin to Vigneron. Gennady Filimonov tells his story and examines several of his finest works