Nikolai Kittel bow

How do you copy a Kittel?


Nikolai Kittel remains one of the most enigmatic bow makers, so when the assembled talents at this year’s Oberlin workshop set about making copies, they uncovered a host of interesting points, as Robert Ray explains


New type of wood material might pose fresh possibilities for string players


The material could be a competitor to steel or titanium alloys


Replicating a Benoit Joseph Boussu


In this video, violin maker and researcher Geerten Verberkmoes puts the finishing touches to a replica of a violin by Benoit Joseph Boussu, using construction methods most likely employed by the 18th-century French luthier.


Violin maker Guy Rabut featured in Esquire video series 'Handmade'


This video, featuring New York based violin maker Guy Rabut, was made for’s ‘Handmade’ series in 2017.


Ask the Experts: How to look after your bow


Four bow makers advise on how best to look after a new bow to maintain both its performance and potential resale value

steve (1)

Teaching lutherie the Red Wing way


Instrument repair requires great attention to detail, knowledge and patience – and teaching new students is no different. Here lutherie pedagogue Steve Rossow gives some tips acquired from his years of tutoring at Minnesota State College Southeast

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Piecing together the history of the
'Mara' Stradivari cello


Its fate was almost to be consigned to the murky depths of an Uruguayan river but it continues to delight and inspire audiences of the present day. Alessandra Barabaschi delves into the dramatic life of the ‘Mara’ Strad


How Eugène Sartory became France's most important bow maker


Isaac Salchow and Stephan Jansen explore what Eugène Sartory’s hidden treasures tell us about the evolution of his style

Aegidius Klotz 2

In focus: A 1791 Aegidius Klotz violin


John Dilworth explores an instrument that showcases the finest achievements of the Mittenwald school [click ‘+’ to zoom]


Can you tell a fake instrument from the genuine article?


With more and more instrument forgeries finding their way on to the market, how do experts, dealers and buyers stay wise to deception? Femke Colborne finds out


In focus: an 1868 Amati copy by Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume


David Bonsey examines a study in unsurpassed elegance and technical mastery from the most successful maker and dealer of the 19th century [click ‘+’ to zoom]

13 Stradivari Betts red

What is the secret behind Stradivari's red violins?


Varnish maker Joe Robson explores the mystery of the special deep red varnish colour that makes Antonio Stradivari’s later instruments so attractive