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    Baroque Set-up: In a Land without Rules

    With the growth in popularity of historically informed performance, more players are requesting Baroque-style instruments – but the process of converting an instrument is fraught with uncertainty. Sarah Peck presents an overview of the Baroque set-up process, and corrects some common misconceptions along the way

  • Bromp_Viola dAmore_JU Eberle 1759

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    Auction Report: June 2022

    Kevin MacDonald finds some unusual offerings, including an interesting quartet of bows, at the capital’s March auctions

  • August Rau portrait

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    August Rau: The old-fashioned way

    At a time when bow making in Germany was leaning towards industrialisation, August Rau kept up the tradition of independent craftsmanship. Gennady Filimonov tells the story of his long career and examines several examples of his work

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