New violin design to be demonstrated in Lisbon on 11 April


The ‘Santa Cecilia’ violin is being unveiled at the Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Musical Instruments

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What do the new UK ivory regulations mean for bows?


A new UK requirement to register all ivory-tipped bows will affect music shops, auction houses and the musicians themselves. Peter Somerford examines what the implications are for the industry


The Cello Maker: Robin Aitchison


The Academy of Ancient Music has produced this film exploring the craft of cello maker Robin Aitchison, focusing on his copies of instruments by Stradivari, Montagnana and Guadagnini.

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Stradivari's forests: ongoing effort to salvage tonewood trees felled by storms


A factory in the Fiemme valley is asking luthiers and the public to buy IOUs so it can quadruple its processing capacity before the wood deteriorates


Making fine violins out of fungus-treated wood


In this video we hear from the researcher Francis Schwarze, who, together with a Swiss violin maker has treated wood used for instrument making with Physisporinus vitreus, a white-rot fungus that attacks and destroys certain structures in spruce, in order to build violins that sound as fine as antique masterpieces.

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Is it a real Stradivarius? How to check the authenticity and value of a violin


A reader has inherited an old Italian violin, in this case a Landolfi. In fact, finding a violin in a grandparent’s attic is some people’s first introduction to the stringed-instrument world. What’s the next step regarding authentication?


Paganini's violin arrives in Columbus, Ohio


This clip from WCMH news in Columbus, Ohio, shows ‘Il Cannone’, Paganini’s favourite violin, arriving for a weeklong stay at the Columbus Museum of Art.

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Looking after Paganini's 'Il Cannone' violin


Entrusted with the task of conserving one of the world’s most valuable violins, Bruce Carlson has made it easier to play, while taking it closer to how it would have looked to Paganini. In this article first published in 2004, he explains

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Home visit for Cremonese instruments from US National Music Museum


The Museo del Violino prepares to welcome instruments by Stradivari, the Amatis and others from collection housed in Vermillion, South Dakota

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In focus: c.1845-50 violin by Georges Chanot


Roland Baumgartner examines an instrument by one of the most important 19th-century French makers


In focus: 1953 violin by Giuseppe Ornati


A maker and also tutor at the Cremona International Violin Making School, whose influence was keenly felt among Italian luthiers during the latter part of the 20th century.