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A moving tale: Travelling with a double bass


Fitting a double bass on an aeroplane or in the back of a van can present serious difficulties. Gary Karr’s agent Jane Davis shares her the tricks of the trade, in this interview from November 1999

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‘Violin making thrived in the city, developing its unique identity and style, but it was perhaps when the luthiers turned their hand to making double basses that they were at their most unconstrained’
We examine the Venetian Double Bass with examples from some of the city-state's finest makers.

‘It is to be hoped that 2021 signals a turning point for Bottesini’s music, with performers and audiences enjoying his work and understanding the pivotal role he played in the development of the double bass’
Stephen Street celebrates the bicentenary of Bottesini regarded in his time as 'the Paganini of the double bass'.

''Part of my job is giving people permission to express themselves, to explore what they thought were their limits'
Manchester-based cellist, composer and vocalist Abel Selaocoe on how his South African heritage informs his genre-defying compositions

'The Cremonese spruces exhibited unnatural elemental compositions and oxidation patterns that suggested artificial manipulation' Exploring the wood treatment employed by the Cremonese masters, which may have been based on alchemical principles.

Ayke Agus shares her memories serving as assistant and accompanist to Jascha Heifetz



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