Improve your technique, interpret staple string repertoire and learn from prominent artists speaking on a range of performing-related topics.


The world's leading violinists, violists, cellists and double bassists offer guidance on performing important works from the string canon – discussing technical issues and points of interpretation. Subscribers to The Strad's print and digital editions also have access to sheet music, provided by Henle, annotated with the artists' bowings, fingerings and expression marks.


Need help perfecting a certain technique? Look no further; here's a selection featuring an extensive catalogue of articles and videos, divided into the following categories


A string player’s tone needs to be as versatile and individual as an artist’s colour palette. Here you’ll find articles on exploring the wide world of sound: Dynamics, Projection, Variation, Pressure and Personal Sound

Left Hand

Articles and videos to help improve all aspects of left-hand technique, from mastering fast passages with evenness and clarity, to building finer strength and flexibility, and achieving confident chords and double stops. Topics include: Flexibility, Strength, Warming Up, Fast Passages, Shifts, Trills, Chords and Double Stops, Harmonics and Scales.


Want to improve your vibrato? Consult our handy guides for help with varying vibrato speed and width, using vibrato as an expressive tool, and applying historically appropriate vibrato. Topics include: Historically Informed,Continuous, Expressive, Arm, Wrist and Finger and Vibrato for Cellists.


For string players of all ages and abilities, tuning is a constant concern. Here you will find content to help you perfect those niggling intonation issues, including articles and video on: Beginners , Listening, Shifts, Scales and Expressive Intonation


String repertoire comes in various forms of complexity, so it’s no surprise that memorising an entire piece can feel daunting at times. Here are some articles to help with memorisation.


Perhaps not studied as much as bowing technique, there’s more to pizzicato than you might think. Explore our resources on how to enhance your plucking game: Left Hand, Right Hand and Jazz

Performance Nerves

Do you feel nervous about performing? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Here are some helpful strategies to help you keep your cool, from keeping those stomach butterflies and bow shakes under control, to developing a commanding stage presence: Stage Presence, Bow Shakes, Cold and Sweaty Hands, Negative Thoughts, Breathing, Mindfulness, Food and Exercise, Beta Blockers and Anxiety


Tips and strategies for navigating your way around the fingerboard like a pro: Scales, Exercises, Warming Up and Smooth Shifts


Everything you need to know to improve your bowing technique, from achieving a smooth, even tone, to mastering the bouncing strokes. Topics include: Flexibility, Speed, Bow Changes, Bow Hold, String Crossing, Staccato, Spiccato and Sautillé, Legato, Ricochet, Sul Ponticello and Sul Tasto, Baroque/Historically Informed Styles, Jazz and Non-Classical Styles