The ‘Violin: Soul and Shape' event took place this month, recognising makers in several categories


The winners of the International Violin Makers Competition, ‘Violin: Soul and Shape’, have been announced. Taking place in Moscow, between September 10 and 14, the event honoured makers in a number of categories, including Modern Instruments, Imitation of Old Instruments and Bows, and Electronic Instruments.

In the Violin sections, Sung Hee Hong from Cremona was named the winner of the Modern Violin category, while Milena Noventa from Parma was named the winner of the Imitation Instrument Category.  There were no gold or silver prizes in the Electronic Instrument category; instead Dmitry Epaneshnikov and Nicholay Savinov from Moscow were named winners of the bronze medal.

In the Viola sections, Maria Strelnikova from Moscow and Andreas Preuss from Tokyo were named winners, while the Cello category was won by Eduard Schwen from Hamburg. The Bow section was won by Luboš Odlas from Luby in the Czech Republic.

Special diplomas were also awarded for Best Sound Quality to Stefano Gibertoni from the UK, for Best Art and Technical Work to Andreas Preuss, for Best Play Qualities of a Bow to Luboš Odlas, and for Perfection of Shape of a Violin, again to Andreas Preuss.

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