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Geminiani’s scales: a portal to the past


Geminiani’s scale exercises in his seminal 1751 treatise The Art of Playing on the Violin may look puzzlingly random to modern eyes, but violinist Benjamin Shute argues that they can reveal useful insights into the thinking behind performance practice of the time

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Technique: Creative fingering for double bassists


Belgian double bassist David Desimpelaere explores the ongoing quest for new and personal solutions


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Technique: the connections between cello and voice


Cellist and operatic baritone Matthew Sharp shares tips on how to embody and inhabit your sound

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Masterclass: Beethoven Violin Sonata no.8, first movement


Violinist Viktoria Mullova describes how knowledge of historical style, a sense of spontaneity and precise metronome work are crucial for pulling off this cheeky movement


Masterclass: Beethoven Cello Sonata no.5, second and third movements


Cellist Gary Hoffman considers the importance of context to understand and appreciate this work, written in 1815 during a period of isolation and difficulty for the composer

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Masterclass: Ravel Violin Sonata no.2, second movement ‘Blues’


Violinist Curtis Stewart looks at how to get the most from the different styles Ravel used, and how questions that arise from their juxtaposition are arguably more important than answers

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The Strad Podcast #115: designing your own musical education as an adult learner with violinist Julia Reddy


How can adult students gain musical enrichment beyond the practice room? The violinist, teacher and podcaster shares her strategies

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The Strad Podcast Episode #57: Augustin Hadelich on Recuerdos and Ricochet


Enjoy some ’R&R’: the violinist speaks about his new album, as well as a particularly tricky bowing technique


The Strad Podcast #114: exploring resources and finding your teaching style with cellist Guy Johnston


The cellist speaks about how resources left by renowned ‘cello gods,’ as well as fostering a community of sharing has informed his teaching methods throughout his career

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Vibrato: three reminders from our online editor Davina Shum

Don’t overdo it and avoid slipping into auto-pilot mode, writes the cellist


The anatomy and function of the bow arm: violinist Rachael Ridge

Having an awareness and understanding of how the bow arm moves is crucial to achieving a good tone on the violin

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Playing Fast: add these above-and-beyond rhythm exercises to your practice routine

Changing up rhythm and metre are great ways to get that fast passagework down, writes violinist Susanna Klein


6 tips for practising fast passages: violinist Susanna Klein

Susanna Klein gives advice on left and right hand dexterity and coordination for violinists wanting to improve their virtuosity