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Quatuor Ebène, Antoine Tamestit and Nicolas Altstaedt record ‘Night Bridge’


It’s always nice to see musicians having fun in the recording studio


Sound and sculptures: Amit Peled, Ismael Guerrero and Zemer Peled


Cellists Amit Peled and Ismael Guerrero perform alongside sculptures by Peled’s sister, Zemer Peled, in a programme called ‘Siblings’

Editor's pick


Janine Jansen: Twelve chosen Stradivaris


Our October 2021 issue features violinist Janine Jansen’s journey to record an album and documentary on twelve different Stradivari violins. Read about the violins that were chosen for the project

Current online issue


4_Front Cover 1080x720


‘I felt like I was connected to those legends of the past. I was bringing alive the same voice. It was overwhelming’
Dutch violinist Janine Jansen performs on twelve of the world's finest Stradivaris for a new recording and documentary.

‘Jackie could say, without inhibition, that she mostly preferred her own recordings – she was not alone in that’
Film maker Christopher Nupen recalls his time with cellist Jacqueline du Pré.

The first results of a project to find the composition of varnishes from historical instruments

''Our playing resembles speech, like spoken dialogue'' Patricia Kopatchinskaja and Sol Gabetta on their album of duo works for violin and cello.

' 'What works slowly might work fast, but what doesn't work slowly won't work at all' Julia Fischer's Beethoven Violin Concerto Masterclass



Robson violin

Stradivari varnish: Scarlet fever


How did Antonio Stradivari achieve the special deep red varnish colour that makes his later instruments so attractive? Joe Robson believes he has discovered both the composition and method for making it – and cracked one of the most enduring mysteries of the master maker. From the September 2018 issue

Teen Jackie du Pre

Long read: Remembering Jacqueline du Pré


Friends, fellow musicians and ex-pupils pay tribute to superstar cellist Jacqueline de Pré in February 1988, four months after she succumbed to multiple sclerosis

Leslie Wyatt Cover March 1990

The geometry of violin outlines: Proportional representation


In this article from March 1990, Leslie Wyatt offers a rational and coherent geometrical method for the construction of an inner form outline and for sizing and positioning the f-holes, to break free from the traditional slavish reproduction of classical instruments

Sascha Lilli and Mischa

Free in Spirit


January 2018 marked the 70th birthday of cellist Mischa Maisky, who celebrated by whizzing round the world in solo and chamber performances with his Maisky Trio, featuring daughter Lily and son Sascha.Peter Quantrill caught up with him in London, Istanbul and Verbier


Analysis October 2021: Progress report


Despite the UK government’s announcements of major advances in negotiations, the impact of Brexit continues to be a cause for concern among British musicians and organisations. By Harry White


Competitions, Awards and Appointments: October 2021


This month’s competition results, appointments and forthcoming contests

4_Front Cover 1080x720

October 2021: Welcome


The Strad’s editor Charlotte Smith introduces the October 2021 issue


Soundpost: Letters to the Editor October 2021


A selection of letters The Strad receives each month from its readers around the world: October 2021 issue

More from Lutherie


More reviews



Opinion: Across the decades


Karen Gomyo revisits recordings by ‘golden age’ violinists, and explores why these performances are still so meaningful today


Opinion: Make ’em laugh


Humour can be a useful tool when teaching – especially online, argues Naomi Yandell


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