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Guarneri ‘filius Andreae’ violin at centre of Holocaust storm


The German foundation holding the instrument has failed to pay €100,000 compensation to the heirs of its former owner


Violinist Charlie Siem performs for the virtual ‘All About Bach’ festival


Violinist Charlie Siem performs Bach’s Violin Partita no.3 in E major BWV 1006 and the Chaconne from Bach’s Violin Partita no.2 in D minor BWV 1004.

Current issue

4_Front Cover 1080x720


French cellist Jean-Guihen Queyras discusses recording Beethoven's 'Triple' Concerto during the pandemic and the value of working with his musical 'family'. Former students remember renowned US cello tutor George Neikrug, who died in 2019, and LA violinist Clayton Haslop recounts his battle with focal dystonia. Plus, the results of CT scanning Stradivari's 'Messiah', and a guide to taking better care of your instrument.


Editor's pick


I gave up a Montagnana for my c.1696 Cappa cello, says Jean-Guihen Queyras


The French cellist and January 2021 cover star tells Pauline Harding about his cellos and bows

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  • Thematic instruments Klimt 2

    ‘Thematic instruments’ by Brazilian luthier Saulo Dantas Barreto


    In this gallery we feature ‘thematic instruments’ by Brazilian luthier Saulo Dantas Barreto, made for both musicians and art collectors.

  • Violin scroll

    What to do if your violin pegs keep slipping or sticking


    Korinthia Klein presents a simple player’s guide to violin maintenance, without encroaching on luthiers’ territory

  • Kun+solo

    Which shoulder rest to buy, from $25 to $1,100


    In recent years manufacturers have come up with new shoulder rest designs and materials, and new dependable models have appeared both at the low end of the market and at the very highest. Femke Colborne talks to the makers with an eye on improvement, and to those who feel they ...

  • SoundpostJan21

    Soundpost: Letters to the Editor January 2021


    A selection of letters The Strad receives each month from its readers around the world: January 2021 issue

  • Figure 3

    CT-Scanning the ‘Messiah’


    In 2016 the ‘Messiah’ Stradivari was the subject of an extensive CT scanning project. Francesco Piasentini and Gregg Alf examine the resulting data, discovering repair work in the neck, and attempt to determine how it had originally been set

  • Tarisio

    Auction Report: January 2021


    Despite the problems of Covid-19, the October sales went ahead as planned in London. Kevin MacDonald reviews some of the highlights

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