The violin is a very close copy of a ‘golden period’ Stradivari, possibly the 1715 ‘Alard’,

1859 Vuillaume violin

In the past few years, Australia has become a classical music heartland with a number of its orchestras and ensembles achieving world renown. Many of its string players now perform on world-class instruments made by some of the most respected luthiers ever to have lived. The Strad Calendar 2023 celebrates some of those collections, with top instruments played by members of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Melbourne Symphony, Australian String Quartet and some of the country’s greatest soloists.

1859 Vuillaume violin

Since completing its quartet project, UKARIA has continued to acquire the occasional instrument. One such is the 1859 ‘Karrman’ violin by Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, acquired in January 2022 and now on loan to soloist Kristian Winther. One of the best-preserved Vuillaumes in existence, it is a very close copy of a ‘golden period’ Stradivari, possibly the 1715 ‘Alard’, given the positioning of the f-holes and the wear pattern on the back.

In addition, it has full arching and unusually wide purfling, all reminiscent of a ‘golden period’ Stradivari. It is also known that the ‘Alard’ was in Vuillaume’s possession at the time. Some antiquing work is visible in the corners and below the bridge feet, as well as some deliberate wear on the upper back edge of the pegbox. The violin is covered in a thick golden-orange varnish.

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