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  • Vuillaume 1848-50

    The Strad Calendar 2021: Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume violin 1848-50


    This Vuillaume is a mid-period ‘del Gesù ’ copy, on which the f-holes of the ‘Ole Bull’ Guarneri have been imposed

  • Vuillaume number 17 Knights Templar

    An almost perfect success story: the evolution of Vuillaume


    Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume was the most successful French luthier of his time, but the first years of his career remain shrouded in mystery. Jonathan Marolle examines some of his earliest instruments to uncover the evolution of his technique and style

  • pressenda 6
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    Pressenda: Combined impact


    Despite his instruments showing very little difference in form, Giovanni Francesco Pressenda was one of the most idiosyncratic – and innovative – Italian luthiers of the 19th century. Drawing on 20 years of research, Tsutomu Miyasaka reveals how his style reflected both the French and Italian makers of his day ...

  • persoit 3
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    Persoit, the illusion solution


    One of the most mysterious French bow makers, Persoit had a number of idiosyncrasies that give his works a uniquely light appearance. Through a detailed study of a single bow, Paolo Sarri shows his creative answer to the problem of bulky heads