In the first of a new series of violin exercise videos from Pekka Kuusisto - each focusing on a different aspect of technique - the Finnish violinist shares his favourite bow exercises.

Kuusisto says:

‘I’ve learned these exercises from my long-time teacher, professor and gentleman Tuomas Haapanen at the Sibelius Academy. According to my understanding, he learned them from Léon Nauwinck in Paris in the 1950s.I have been benefiting from these exercises since about the age of 10, and I think they can be useful to both students and professionals. If you are a student and feel interested in trying them, please show these videos to your teacher first. As I mention a few times in the videos, if anything in your hands begins to hurt as a result of these exercises, please stop immediately and let the hand in question rest. Keep calm and play fiddle. Pekka’ 

Stay tuned for more videos from the violinist over the next few weeks.