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  • Global Violin Sessions

    Global Violin Sessions Part 1: Final Concert


    This is the culmination of the first part of the Benedetti Foundation’s Global Violin Sessions, in which one tune is sent around the world and embellished according to the traditions of different countries. The tune, written by the trumpeter, composer and educator, Wynton Marsalis, has been on the first part ...

  • Pekka Kuusisto

    Pekka Kuusisto performs with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra


    In this concert, which was broadcast live yesterday (27 November 2020), Pekka Kuusisto performs with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra in an all-British programme. Other solo performers include tenor Allan Clayton and horn-player Alec Frank-Gemmill. Watch: Pekka Kuusisto: Kreutzer 2 whole bow Watch: Pekka Kuusisto: bowing exercie for Kreutzer 2 ...

  • Pekka Kuusisto Kreutzer 2

    Pekka Kuusisto: Kreutzer 2 whole bow


    Continuing his series of practise video tutorials, the Finnish violinist shares another bow exercise for Kreutzer’s second etude, one which involves travelling up the length of the bow.

  • Pekka Kuusisto Kreutzer 2

    Pekka Kuusisto: bowing exercise for Kreutzer 2


    The Finnish violinist leads us through a bow exercise for playing Kreutzer’s Etude No 2.

  • Pekka Kuusisto

    Bow exercises with Pekka Kuusisto


    In the first of a new series of violin exercise videos from Pekka Kuusisto - each focusing on a different aspect of technique - the Finnish violinist shares his favourite bow exercises.Kuusisto says: ‘I’ve learned these exercises from my long-time teacher, professor and gentleman Tuomas Haapanen at the Sibelius Academy. ...

  • B&W_Pekka_Kuusisto_-┬«FelixBroede_20170119-1

    ‘Why play drunk people prettily?’


    On day seven of our festive season of quotes from The Strad archive, violinist Pekka Kuusisto recalls a controversial performance he gave of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

  • Kuusisto with flamenco dancer
    Premium ❘ Feature

    New possibilities


    From Baroque to electronics, Pekka Kuusisto can’t stop exploring new possibilities. PETER SOMERFORD finds out how the Finnish violinist’s perspective on music has evolved

  • Review

    Concert review: Pekka Kuusisto (violin) Knut Erik Sundquist (double bass)


    Bruce Hodges attends the Kaplan Penthouse, Lincoln Center, New York on 27 July 2019 for the performance

  • Pekka Kuusisto Aurora Orchestra

    Pekka Kuusisto on Thomas Adès's violin concerto 'Concentric Paths'


    Pekka Kuusisto will be performing the work as part of Aurora Orchestra’s ‘Music of the Spheres Tour’, a concert inspired by the ancient Greek idea that the revolution of the planets generates celestial music. Part of its Orchestral Theatre series, the production incorporates elements of lighting, visuals, animation ...

  • proms collage strad (1)

    Strings at the BBC Proms: our pick of the 2019 programme


    What does the biggest classical music festival in the world offer in terms of string concertos and other highlights for Strad readers?

  • 23728

    Pekka Kuusisto on his Greenpeace collaboration


    Elegy for the Forest , Pekka Kuusisto’s short film made in collaboration with Greenpeace, aims to build awareness of deforestation. He speaks to Peter Quantrill about combining art and activism

  • Sol Gabetta

    5 singing string players


    We profile some of the multi-talented string players who manage to sing while playing their instrument

  • kuusisto

    New Greenpeace campaign featuring violinist Pekka Kuusisto


    Finnish violinist Pekka Kuusisto is featured in Greenpeace’s latest film as part of its campaign to protect the Great Northern Forest. ‘Forests have always been a source of inspiration in art, but nowadays they are becoming more and more a source of worry and sadness too, as we see ...

  • clipboard_image

    It’s so important for Prokofiev's concerto not to become just a showpiece for the soloist


    Prokofiev’s First Violin Concerto provides myriad possibilities for interpretation – and Pekka Kuusisto takes inspiration from dreams, diamonds, the Beach Boys and Romeo and Juliet to find them. From the June 2018 issue

  • Cover_shadow_strad-June18

    The Strad June 2018 issue is out now


    Examining the world’s most expensive violin, the ‘Vieuxtemps’ Guarneri ‘Del Gesù’, plus Anne Akiko Meyers discusses playing it

  • Clipboard image

    Pekka Kuusisto on finding his interpretation of the Prokofiev Violin Concerto no.1


    In this video from the Philharmonia Orchestra, Finnish violinist Pekka Kuusisto talks about his love of Prokofiev’s First Violin Concerto, and finding his personal interpretation of the work. Kuusisto is performing the concerto with the Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Vladimir Ashkenazy, in May 2018 in Cardiff and London. ...

  • Sibelius photo

    Fire and ice: the best recordings of the Sibelius violin concerto


    Originally published in 2007 for the 50th anniversary of the composer’s death, this critical appraisal by Richard S. Ginell looks for the recordings that do justice to one of the best-loved works in the repertoire  

  • Kuusisto thumbnail

    Pekka Kuusisto's home videos: a Finnish folk song about saunas


    In the latest of his ongoing series of Finnish folk song videos for the Philharmonia Orchestra, Pekka Kuusisto plays a song about heating up the sauna.

  • Kuuisto

    Pekka Kuusisto plays Finnish folk song


    In this second instalment of Pekka Kuusisto’s folk song videos from his home in Finland, the violinst plays a minuet from the village of Tuikka (Tjöck) in Ostrobothnia, a region of western Finland.  

  • PekkaKuusistoProms

    Violinist Pekka Kuusisto's cheeky Proms encore


    Violinist Pekka Kuusisto follows his BBC Proms performance of Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in London's Royal Albert Hall on 5 August 2016 with a lively rendition of Finnish folk song My Darling Is Beautiful - featuring some cheeky lyrics.Kuusisto sings and and plays his instrument and eventually invites the ...