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  • Photo of Heifetz with Michael Yurkevitch (left) and Mr Rosenthal (right) from PM, 22 April, 1941

    Jascha Heifetz – champion of modern violins


    Dario Sarlo reveals a lesser-known passion of the great violinist, and how it led him to start his own lutherie competition

  • Heifetz

    Violinist Jascha Heifetz's first appearance in The Strad, October 1912


    The legendary artist was first mentioned in The Strad at the age of eleven following several well-received performances

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    Jascha Heifetz's US debut a hundred years ago


    The Carnegie Hall recital sealed the 16-year-old’s reputation as an astonishing and unruffled performer, set a new bar for violin playing and led to a season full of engagements and a recording contract, as Dario Sarlo reveals

  • Cover on gradient november 17 780x520

    The Strad November 2017 issue is out now


    Celebrating the centenary of Jascha Heifetz’s historic US debut at Carnegie Hall

  • heifetz

    Jascha Heifetz and Family Collection to be auctioned


    The Mossgreen Australia online auction of items belonging to the great violin virtuoso opens on Wednesday 22 March 2017

  • heifetz

    Luthier Hans Benning remembers violinist Jascha Heifetz


    One day he came into my shop, randomly picked up a bow and played about ten notes on it. 'It's mine,' he said. 'But Mr Heifetz,' I said, 'that's a cello bow!'' 'He was a deep thinking man. He would tell me, 'Hans, it's very lonely ...

  • Friedman

    His master's pupil: how Erick Friedman struggled in the shadow of Jascha Heifetz


    Erick Friedman, Heifetz's first student and a virtuoso in his own right, was frustrated by continual comparisons to his teacher. Dennis Rooney looks back at his life

  • HeifetzDebussy11

    Violinist Jascha Heifetz performs Debussy's The Girl with the Flaxen Hair


    Jascha Heifetz performs an arrangement for violin of Debussy's The Girl with the Flaxen Hair (La Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin) from the composer's Preludes Book I accompanied by Emanuel Bay. Read: Studying the violin with Jascha Heifetz Read: Jascha Heifetz and Nathan Milsetin - ...

  • HeifetzGoat1

    Violinist Jascha Heifetz...and goat!


    It may be childish, but it tickled our funny bone... A mash-up between Jascha Heifetz performing the finale of Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto and a particularly vocal (and remarkably in tune) goat. Watch a video of Heifetz imitating bad playing .

  • HeifetzImpression1

    Violinist Jascha Heifetz imitates bad playing


    Violinist Jascha Heifezt gives a wincingly accurate impression of a bad performance he once heard of Vieuxtemps' Fourth Violin Concerto - proving not only his gifts as a performer, but also as a sharply observant comic. Read former Heifetz pupil Sherry Kloss's article: Studying the violin ...

  • HeifetzStaccato1

    Violinist Jascha Heifetz performs Hora Staccato


    Jascha Heifetz demonstrates impeccable bow control in up- and down-bow staccato in his arrangement of Dinicu's Hora Staccato. Read The Strad's 6 ways to improve your staccato .  

  • HeifetzScales1

    Jascha Heifetz begins violin masterclass with scales


    Would you like to warm up on Paganini no.7 or would you like to play a scale? A scale then. This is one of the rare times we hear the preference is a scale!' Jascha Heifetz gives a masterclass for students at the University of Southern ...

  • PerlmanHeifetz1

    Violinist Itzhak Perlman's first encounter with Jascha Heifetz


    Your Symphonie Espagnole is very nice, but I would like to hear some scales...' Violinist Itzhak Perlman remembers his first meeting with the great Jascha Heifetz when he played to him as a 14-year-old student at the Juilliard School in New York. Watch Jascha Heifetz ...

  • HeifetzRubinsteinPiatigorsky1

    Heifetz, Rubinstein and Piatigorsky perform Mendelssohn


    Legendary musicians, violinist Jascha Heifetz, pianist Artur Rubinstein and cellist Gregor Piatigorsky perform Mendelssohn's Piano Trio no.1 † a work they recorded along with the trios of Ravel for RCA Victor in 1949. The Strad's May 2015 issue , out now, examines how the advent of recording at ...

  • HeifetzTeacher

    Violinist Eugene Fodor on studying with Jascha Heifetz


    American-born Fodor counted among his teachers not only Heifetz, but also Ivan Galamian and Josef Gingold

  • Heifetz_Vid

    Violinist Jascha Heifetz performs Mozart aged eleven


    Legendary violinist Jascha Heifetz performs Mozart's Gavotte in G from Idomeneo, transcribed by Leopold Auer, aged just eleven. The performance was recorded on wax cylinder in 1912. Read The Strad's first mention of the young Heifetz , published in October 1912. Subscribe to The ...

  • HeifetzTchaik1

    Jascha Heifetz performs Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto


    Legendary violinist Jascha Heifetz makes short work of Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto first movement. Subscribe  to The Strad or download  our digital edition as part of a 30-day free trial. To purchase single issues click here .

  • HeifetzTeacher

    Jascha Heifetz gives violin masterclass


    You're playing it too safe. Let's do it more dangerous' Violin virtuoso Jascha Heifetz gives a masterclass for students at the University of Southern California. First up to perform is Varoujan Kodjian in Wieniawski's Polonaise Brillante no.2. Read Sherry Kloss's account on what it was ...

  • Heifetz_Paganini

    Jascha Heifetz performs Paganini's Caprice no.24


    Violinist Jascha Heifetz performs Paganini's Caprice no.24, including the famous left-hand pizzicato passage - read more about the technique in The Strad's 7 pointers for perfect pizzicato .  

  • heifetz

    Heifetz plays Wieniawski


    To mark the 134th anniversary of Henryk Wieniawski's death, here's Jascha Heifetz performing the composer's Polonaise no.1 in D major op.4, accompanied by pianist Emanuel Bay. Subscribe to The Strad or download our digital edition as part of a 30-day free trial.