In a surprising act that was televised last month, Bavarian luthier Maria Sandner made her courageous performance debut on ‘Spain’s Got Talent’ - playing her tiny violin that she crafted herself. Performing Elvis Presley’s classic ’Can’t help falling in love’, watch as the stunned audience emerge from their silence to cheers as they recognise the melody, even singing along.

Sandner began making miniature violins during the lockdown, which are complete with all the details of a normal sized violin, including bass-bar, soundpost, linings and ebony fittings. The pegs are custom-made by a local carver and she even whittles the tiny bridge down by herself - requiring ‘a quiet moment’ to complete the labourious task. The mini violins are not usually intended to be used in performance, yet Sandner stated on Instagram that she overcame her fright to perform anyway and that it was ‘a huge amount of fun!’

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