A Swiss sculptor has created a model of a tiny violin workshop!

One only needs to look at the full-size cello peg in the middle of this sculpture to get a sense of the 1:18 scale of this realistic violin workshop!

Since 2019, Cornel Schneider has worked on building a miniature replica of a luthier’s studio. Schneider is a former violin bow restorer and states that most of the components contained in the mini workshop are fully functional - including the tiny violin tuning pegs, the violin making tools and the furniture. Everything in the ’Bonsai Workshop’ is made and built from scratch, both by hand and with the help of watchmaker tools.

’Some say this story is madness, for me it is pure joy and the challenge what my hands and eyes can create and realise,’ Schneider told The Strad. Schneider uses his craft as a way to test the limits of his fine motor skills, as well as a way to immerse himself in the creative nature of realistic miniature sculpting.

He says the project was full of many challenges, the most difficult being the carving of the miniscule violin f-holes. Schneider plans to create a photo book outlining the many processes involved in the project. He may keep the project for sentimental reasons, though he is open to offers from collectors or museums.

Schneider currently works as a sculptor 20km outside of Basel. He specialises in carving realistic animals from boxwood, as well as focusing on traditional Japanese okimono and netsuke (a Japanese clothing accessory).

All photos courtesy of Cornel Schneider