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    Tabea Zimmermann performs Bartók's Viola Concerto


    Tabea Zimmermann performs Bartók's Viola Concerto with the Berlin Philharmonic conducted by Semyon Bychkov in June 2010. Read: Violist Tabea Zimmermann on technique, teaching and competitions

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    Tabea Zimmermann performs Bartók's Viola Concerto


    12 cover stars from The Strad 2013 January Félix Lajkó – the boundary-busting horse-whispering fiddler from Hungary February Alisa Weilerstein – Tchaikovsky's Rococo Variations March the Calder Quartet – Beethoven's String Quartet op.95 April Christian Tetzlaff – Mozart Violin ...

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    Tabea Zimmermann plays Schumann's great Märchenbilder


    Our May issue is devoted to that versatile, under-appreciated instrument: the viola. Tabea Zimmermann is one of its leading champions today, with her teaching, performing and commissioning, and here she performs one of the highlights of the repertoire, Schumann's Märchenbilder . To download the May edition of The ...

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    Tabea Zimmermann and Antoine Tamestit rehearse


    Recorded on 20 March 2013 at London's Wigmore Hall. Composer George Benjamin comments on the two violists' performance of his 1997 work Viola, Viola. Transcript: Remember the chords are always, I repeat, like scissors, sshh, so it's not a nice sound, it's *chuh*. [Tabea Zimmermann ...