A string player’s tone needs to be as versatile and individual as an artist’s colour palette. Here you’ll find articles on exploring the wide world of sound: Dynamics and Projection, Personal Sound

Dynamics and Projection


4 sound qualities for producing a beautiful tone


Violin professor at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and Junior Guildhall Ivo Stankov offers advice for creating your best sound

Herre-Jan Stegenga pc Beverley Lunt Stegenga

Technique: Sound travel and projection with cellist Herre-Jan Stegenga


Cellist Herre-Jan Stegenga on filling the hall and ideas and exercises for teaching projection

Personal Sound

20150212_kopatchinsaja_ credit Eric Melzer

Finding your own sound: Standing out from the crowd


In a world that seems to value homogeneous perfection, how do you develop an individual voice on your instrument?