French cellist Christian-Pierre La Marca speaks about his influences, tutors, eclectic repertoire, and his new recording

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CHRISTIAN-PIERRE LA MARCA: The French cellist talks to Charlotte Gardner about his influences, tutors, predilection for eclectic repertoire, and his new recording Legacy

CREMONESE VARNISH: Luthier Pierre Flavetta presents a historical analysis of the methods and colourants used by the old Italian masters to bring colour to their instruments

LUCIEN CAPET: The 19th-century French violinist and author of Superior Bowing Technique was among the most influential pedagogues of his time. Tully Potter explains why

SESSION REPORT: Violist Timothy Ridout speaks to Carlos María Solare about adapting Tertis’s transcription of Elgar’s Cello Concerto and recording it along with a Bloch suite

MIDORI: The Japanese-born US violinist is celebrating her 40th year on stage. She talks to Thomas May about her formative influences, collaborations and myriad projects

CNC ARCHINGS: For years, luthiers have been using software-controlled machines to rough out their instruments. Yann Poulain shows how to carve the archings via this method


In our regular sections:

IN FOCUS: A well-preserved violin made by Dutch luthier Hendrick Aerninck in 1679

TRADE SECRETS: Guillaume Schönau’s method of cleaning a violin’s ribs and top before a repair

MY SPACE: David Ayache of Montpellier, France

MAKING MATTERS: Andrea Schudtz on making a modern copy of an Andrea Amati violin

MASTERCLASS: Krzysztof Chorzelski of the Belcea Quartet concludes his exploration of Beethoven’s Grosse Fuge op.133

TECHNIQUE: Chilingirian Quartet violist Susie Mészáros on shifting and articulation

LIFE LESSONS: With violinist Joshua Bell

OPINION: The future of the violin concerto

AUCTION REPORT: a look at a unique Stradivari viola and a record-breaking Daniel Parker violin

FROM THE ARCHIVE: From February 1933

POSTCARD FROM POZNAŃ: The International Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition 2022

SENTIMENTAL WORK: Jordi Savall gives his thoughts on Schubert’s Symphonies nos.8 and 9


Plus, in your February digital edition:

  • View extra photos of the top lots from London’s October auction season, including the ‘Kux, Castelbarco’ Stradivari viola and an unusual 1948 violin by Marco Dobretsovich
  • Read the thoughts of our cover star Christian-Pierre La Marca, accompanied by audio clips from his latest CD Legacy
  • More images from the Henryk Wieniawski International Violin Competition in our Postcard from Poznań
  • My Space: extra photos of David Ayache’s historic workshop in the centre of Montpellier
  • Session Report: listen to clips from Timothy Ridout’s latest recording of Elgar and Bloch
  • Making Matters: all-round photos of Andrea Schudtz’s unique modernised take on a 16th-century decorated violin by Andrea Amati
  • And clips from the three recordings this month garlanded with the title ‘The Strad Recommends’

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