This illustration of a cello by Joseph Guarnerius Filius Andrea was published in The Strad, September 1925. The following text is extracted from an article accompanying the photograph:

The instrument is one of the violincellos once owned by the late Mr Lutyens, and is authenticated by Messers. Hill and Sons.

First notice the superb cutting of the sound-holes. Only the slightest exaggeration is required to make it typically ‘Joseph’. Then observe the fine scroll with its elongated axis, and lastly observe the general breadth and openness of design. The violincellos of Joseph, son of Andrea, are exceedingly scare, and when the spurious specimens are weeded out it will be found that not a great number are left for the players of today.

The varnish is very transparent, of a rich, golden brown, and the strong reed of the pine can be seen distinctly.

The instrument’s chief characteristics are a virile, reedy tone, very rich and full, and in every way suited to the requirements of a fine concert artist. A tone bright and ringing, with none of that objectionable nasal character which spoils many old instruments.