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Why can't players get vibrato right?


Vibrating need not compromise purity of tone if it's done tastefully, says Tully Potter, who takes to task those who overplay, misplay or completely disown it


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Historically informed performance on modern instruments is misguided


Historically informed performance is all well and good, argues Julian Haylock, but continuing to play on modern instruments just results in the worst of both worlds

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Young musicians too often make musical decisions based on impressing the listener


As artists grow older they hear more in the music, says Orion Quartet violist Steven Tenenbom, who urges younger musicians to learn as much as they can from their mentors – and delve deeper into the music themselves

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Should classical artists embrace music video singles?


More core classical artists these days are mimicking their contemporaries in the pop world by releasing music video singles to accompany their albums. Charlotte Gardner asks whether this is a positive development

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Young students must learn to listen if they are to practise effectively


String students who struggle in the early stages of learning often don't know how to listen. Patiently help them to train their ears, says Peter Quantrill, and practice sessions will become ever more fulfilling


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Should music tuition revolve around passing exams?


Toby Deller argues that young players should be inspired by fulfilling experiences

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From the archive: Technique or tone?


This article from The Strad, September 1954, argues that the trend among students of pursuing mechanical brilliance at the expense of beauty of tone is misguided

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Nurturing limb-differences in students


The benefits of accommodating and encouraging limb-different string students far outweigh the challenges for teachers, says University of North Texas lecturer Elizabeth Chappell

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