Ten free gifts from The Strad to your students

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You do you very best for your students. You listen to their scales, their studies, their concertos, their personal problems and their excuses. You put in extra time to prepare them for concerts and competitions, and to help them buying instruments. You do your best to prepare them for a career in music.

The Strad can help to support you in your hard work, offering invaluable tools for your students to face a competitive music world feeling informed, confident, engaged and, above all, inspired.

Over the next few weeks, we will be telling you about the benefits that we offer your students, giving away free content from The Strad that demonstrates this. So keep coming back every Monday and Wednesday to find out what we have to give you.

Benefit no.10: Insights into their instruments

- We regularly include articles on both classic instruments and the work of modern makers, helping  students appreciate the mechanics and aesthetics of their instruments

- We list auction prices to give an insight into current values

- Every September issue we focus exclusively on important teaching matters and profile teaching institutions around the world

- Regular articles about commissioning instruments demystify the process

Your FREE gift: Auctions

How much are the top violins, violas, cellos and double basses selling for at auction houses in the UK and US? We report on the top sales and give a summary of the biggest sales.


Each of our previous free gifts is still available to download:

Masterclass: violinist James Ehnes gives his thoughts on performing Bartók's Sonata for Solo Violin

People: musical insights from violinists, violists and cellists

Competitions: details of competition winners at events around the world, plus listings of upcoming contests with deadline dates

Find Your Teacher: your guide to where some of the world's most highly regarded string teachers are based

Analysis: how young string players are using fresh business models to make an impact on the music world

New Products: discover some of the latest and most innovative string-related goods on the market

Cover story: A full and frank interview with viola player Tabea Zimmermann, a champion of new repertoire, from our May 2013 issue

Sidney Sax: One of London's best-known orchestral 'fixers', respected and feared in equal measure, gives an insight into what the orchestral scene of 50 years ago was like

Ask the Teacher: Double bass pedagogue and orchestral musician Carol Harte explains how her teaching and masters degree in psychoanalysis go hand in hand

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