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Technique: Practising 5ths


Violinist Nicholas Dupont outlines using simplification to achieve better technique



Numbness of the fingers in violinists: what causes it and how can you fix it?


J.L.H. Thomas delves into a physical exploration of what causes numbness, as well as exercises to help strengthen muscles to alleviate its symptoms


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Geminiani’s scales: a portal to the past


Geminiani’s scale exercises in his seminal 1751 treatise The Art of Playing on the Violin may look puzzlingly random to modern eyes, but violinist Benjamin Shute argues that they can reveal useful insights into the thinking behind performance practice of the time

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Masterclass: Franck Violin Sonata on double bass, first movement


Taking inspiration from Jacqueline du Pré and singers, double bassist Michael Rieber shares tips on cultivating Franck’s delicate sound world, despite playing stratospherically high on the instrument


Masterclass: Christine Hoock on Vanhal Double Bass Concerto


In our August 2016 issue, double bassist Christine Hoock emphasises serenity, clarity and flow, and the importance of preparation when tackling the first movement of this overtly Classical piece

cr. Michael Trippel

Masterclass: Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade with violinist Bart Vandenbogaerde


Concertmaster of the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra guides us through the work based on The Arabian Nights, which demands subtle articulation and careful attention to detail to make its colourful characters come alive. From October 2014

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The Strad Podcast #115: designing your own musical education as an adult learner with violinist Julia Reddy


How can adult students gain musical enrichment beyond the practice room? The violinist, teacher and podcaster shares her strategies

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The Strad Podcast Episode #57: Augustin Hadelich on Recuerdos and Ricochet


Enjoy some ’R&R’: the violinist speaks about his new album, as well as a particularly tricky bowing technique


The Strad Podcast #114: exploring resources and finding your teaching style with cellist Guy Johnston


The cellist speaks about how resources left by renowned ‘cello gods,’ as well as fostering a community of sharing has informed his teaching methods throughout his career

More from the Playing Hub

Tchaik with Haffner Orch, Lancaster, 11 Nov 2017

Technique: Violin bow landings with Gina McCormack

Violinist Gina McCormack on teaching bow landings in reference to Mozart

JH rachmaninoff

Our bow is our breath: cellist John-Henry Crawford

Understanding the relationship between the bow and the voice is key to creating a singing line, as the cellist discovered while preparing his new album Voice of Rachmaninoff

drex vib

Vibrato: three reminders from our online editor Davina Shum

Don’t overdo it and avoid slipping into auto-pilot mode, writes the cellist


The anatomy and function of the bow arm: violinist Rachael Ridge

Having an awareness and understanding of how the bow arm moves is crucial to achieving a good tone on the violin