Jan Vogler


Masterclass: Jan Vogler on Schumann's Fantasiestücke

Cellist Jan Vogler discusses how to colour these fantasy pieces using a mixture of technique and imagination

Lynn Harrell main picture


Masterclass: Beethoven’s Cello Sonata no.4

Cellist Lynn Harrell considers challenges and contemporary concepts in the first movement of a sonata conceived entirely in the imagination of a deaf composer

Teachers' notes



‘It’s a great diagnosis tool’ - Leon Bosch’s etude of choice

In this extract from 2012, double bassist Leon Bosch shares why Simandl’s etude no.1 covers the fundamental aspects of playing



‘Good grief, there are 40 of them!’ - Alexander Baillie on Popper studies

In this extract from August 2013, cellist Alexander Baillie shares his experiences of the studies as well as strategies for students embarking on learning them



‘A complete workout for the bow’ - violist Patricia Pollett’s study of choice

In this extract from 2012, viola professor at the University of Queensland Patricia Pollett shares why Ševčík’s op.2 no.5 allows players to focus on a variety of bowstrokes, and why it’s more difficult than it looks



‘The best medicine for string-crossing, spiccato and the right arm’ - Felix Andrievsky’s etude of choice

In this extract from September 2012, violin professor Felix Andrievsky shares how Paganini’s Caprice no.2 is an excellent tool to develop your right arm technique