Crescendo Summer Institute and Festival 2019

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The 16th edition of the international classical masterclass and festival will take place in the miraculous Hungarian town of Tokaj from 24 July to 5 August 2019

French violinist Philippe Graffin photographed by Marije Van Den Berg


Masterclass: Philippe Graffin on Ravel’s Violin Sonata no.2

The French violinist explores how to create an orchestra of abstract colours and characters in the first movement of Ravel’s last chamber work

Steven Tenenbom


Masterclass: Steven Tenenbom, Schumann Märchenbilder

The American viola soloist, chamber musician, and teacher explores how to find your own sense of character and flow in the first two contrasting pieces

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Jan Vogler


Masterclass: Jan Vogler on Schumann's Fantasiestücke

Cellist Jan Vogler discusses how to colour these fantasy pieces using a mixture of technique and imagination

Lynn Harrell main picture


Masterclass: Beethoven’s Cello Sonata no.4

Cellist Lynn Harrell considers challenges and contemporary concepts in the first movement of a sonata conceived entirely in the imagination of a deaf composer

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Technique: Walking bass

Essential foundations for producing a jazz bass-line with good sound, rhythm and harmony


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Ask the Experts: how to make the best use of limited practice time

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Stringed instrument myths exposed

Have you heard the one about checking an instrument crack by spitting on it? What about washing your bow hair in hot soapy water? We separate fact from crackpot theory


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How to teach note reading to beginner violin students

American pedagogue Mimi Zweig explains how she engages new pupils

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