This is the culmination of the first part of the Benedetti Foundation’s Global Violin Sessions, in which one tune is sent around the world and embellished according to the traditions of different countries.

The tune, written by the trumpeter, composer and educator, Wynton Marsalis, has been on the first part of its journey - passed around the world, from one virtuoso violinist to another. Each violinist along with colleagues in their country has made it their own. They have changed rhythms, twisted notes, rewritten corners, added instrumentation and colours and effects – and along the way, they taught participants to understand, to explore and to play the music of their traditions.

This first stop has seen the project visit the United States of America, Hungary, Finland and Serbia, with a line up of musicians including Mark and Maggie O’Connor and Tessa Lark (USA), Geza Hosszu-Legocky and the 5 DeViLs and Roby Lakatos & his band (Hungary), Pekka Kuusisto (Finland) and Nemanja Raduolvic (Serbia).

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