The Strad marks its 130th anniversary with a look at the future of string playing and the violin industry

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THE STRAD’S 130TH ANNIVERSARY: As we mark thirteen decades of string music journalism, Charlotte Gardner looks at the future of string playing while Philip Kass examines the violin industry

TABEA ZIMMERMANN: Amanda Holloway talks to the German viola player, teacher and festival artistic director about her myriad projects in what could be her busiest season yet

BAROQUE SET-UP: Sarah Peck demystifies the process of (re)converting an instrument for Baroque playing, with a run-down of the elements from fingerboards to tailpieces and pegs

MUSIC THERAPY: From schools and hospitals to family life, there are many ways for musicians to put their talents to use in the community, as violinist Joy Gravestock explains

LUTHIERS AND RSI: How can makers guard against repetitive strain injuries? Cameron Robertson and Sara Propes look at the questions that need to be asked, and the solutions

In our regular sections:

In the issue’s Masterclass The Schumann Quartet’s Liisa Randalu discusses Smetana’s String Quartet no.1; in Technique American violinist and Juilliard tutor Joel Smirnoff discusses legato playing; British violinist Rachel Podger remembers her first experiences of early music in Life Lessons; plus in Sentimental Work Maxim Vengerov discusses the First Violin Concerto by Dmitri Shostakovich. Our Postcard this month comes from Cuba’s music festival La Ruta de Mozart.

We inspect a 1704 cello by Barak Norman in In Focus; in Trade Secrets Luca Baratto details an intricate procedure for repairing damaged blocks; My Space looks behind the scenes in the workshop of Tokyo-based luthier Andreas Preuss; and in Making Matters we investigate a possible ‘missing link’ between a Cramer-head bow and an F.X. Tourte.

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May 2020 also contains The Strad’s special free Degrees 2020 supplement.

Plus, in your digital edition

  • Read Charlotte Gardner’s views on the future of string playing, accompanied by some of the current stars of the string world including Sheku Kanneh-Mason, Vilde Frang and the Arod Quartet.
  • View more angles and close-ups of our In Focus instrument, a rare cello by English luthier Barak Norman
  • Hear clips from Tabea Zimmermann’s latest CD Cantilena, and enter our exclusive competition to WIN one of 10 copies of the album
  • More of luthier Andreas Preuss’s well-appointed Tokyo workshop in My Space
  • View extra images from the festival La Ruta de Mozart in Cuba, as featured in Postcard from Havana
  • More technical information on Luthiers and Repetitive Strain Injury
  • And, as ever, clips from the three CDs this month enjoying that superlative appellation ‘The Strad Recommends’

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