Violin maker Noémie Viaud in her workshop in Denmark, filmed by Nikolaj Lund. Viaud is featured in the Strad’s February 2019 ‘My Space’ column, discussing her workshop and career to date:

‘I’ve been based in Denmark for the past twelve years. I’m originally from France and learnt violin making at Mirecourt. I always wanted to travel so I got my first job in Canada and then in Norway. I liked the Scandinavian way of doing things – there’s an egalitarian atmosphere where people respect rules and trust each other, and I found it was a place I wanted to stay, so I moved to Denmark.

‘The classical milieu here is also very nice, and so is the Danish way of doing business. I live in Risskov, a suburb to the north of Aarhus, by the sea. That means that when I need to get some fresh air in the middle of the day, I can run down to the sea, on to the beach and then back to work. It really helps to replenish my energy for the afternoon.’

Music: Danish String Quartet, from the album Wood Works