This illustration of a cello by Joseph Rocca was published in The Strad, November 1987. The following text is extracted from the article accompanying the photograph:

What is it about the month of November that brings out the sellers? Ever since November 1978 and the big Sotheby event that began at 9pm with its unprecedented crowd that overflowed from their Large Galleries out into New Bond Street, November sales have been the highlight of the violin year. This time all three London houses have produced massive catalogues laden with lavish illustrations of their treasure trove calculated to coax buyers from every corner of the globe.

Christie's comes first on the 11th, Sotheby's immediately following on the 12th and 13th, and Phillips rounds off the festival of selling on the 19th.

The cello department at Sotheby's looks interesting with a fine Joseph Rocca, a Panormo, a Cappa of Saluzzo from early times, a later Italian, and one carrying the label of Fagnola.