As the great artist celebrates his 70th birthday, we share his views on contemporary music, tone, music and politics, and interpretation, as published in The Strad's October 2010 issue


The following quotes by violinist Gidon Kremer were published as part of a feature interview with the violinist in The Strad's October 2010 issue - download on desktop computer or through The Strad App.


‘I don’t feel any sense of conflict between a piece of music written yesterday and one written a hundred years ago. The most important thing is that music should have an emotional impact, an inner intensity that is utterly compelling’


‘Many children are taught by their teachers merely to “sing† with their instruments. But there are so many other shades, hues and colours to discover. I have tried to encourage a sense of music delivering messages, and that it is about truth and not just beauty, even if those truths are uncomfortable’


‘Politics represents only the surface of things. Music speaks with an outstretched hand, not with a clenched fist. It is an offering to the listener, and its profundity can only be established on the basis of service, not on the grounds of self-indulgence or meaningless stardom’


‘It is far more important that someone plays music for which they feel a special affinity and have something individual to say than mere technical perfection. Perfection is in itself limited – the message should take us beyond perfection'

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To read the full Gidon Kremer interview download The Strad's October 2010 interview on desktop computer or through The Strad App.

Photo: Kasskara / ECM