• Vivaldi Archicembalo

    L’Archicembalo: Vivaldi


    There’s inventive and compelling playing in this bumper issue of Vivaldi

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    Christoph Croisé, Sherniyaz Mussakhan: Haydn


    Deliciously sprightly playing from soloist and pan-continental orchestra

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    'Winter' from Vivaldi's Four Seasons - III: Allegro - Henning Kraggerud, Arctic Philharmonic


    This live recording of Henning Kraggerud and the Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra is interspersed with footage of Kraggerud at Fjellheisen, near Tromsø in the Norwegian Arctic Circle, one of the orchestra’s bases. The complete Four Seasons and four of Kraggerud’s own compositions were released on Simax Classics in ...

  • Europa Galante Fabio Biondi cropped

    Europa Galante: Concerti per Violini Vi 'La Boemia'


    Biondi and Europa Galante speak Vivaldi’s multiple languages with utter naturalness, energy and charm

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    Masterclass: Daniel Hope on 'Winter' from Vivaldi's Four Seasons


    The British violinist offers ideas on how to conjure a frosty chill through your violin playing. From the January 2015 issue

  • Vivaldi

    Vivaldi's Concerto for Two Cellos – René Schiffer, Mimé Brinkmann – Apollo's Fire


    This video features Apollo’s Fire, The Cleveland Baroque Orchestra, conducted from the harpsichord by Jeannette Sorrell, with cello soloists René Schiffer and Mimé Y. Brinkmann, performing Antonio Vivaldi’s Concerto in G Minor for Two Cellos, RV 531. The performance took place as part of the Tanglewood Festival on ...

  • Between the seasons

    Henning Kraggerud: Between the Seasons


    The Strad Issue: December 2017 Description: A cool Nordic wind blows through these Seasons Musicians: Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra/Henning Kraggerud (violin) Works: VIVALDI The Four Seasons; KRAGGERUD Preghiera, Postlude in B flat minor (Equinox), The last leaf – Magnus in Memoriam, Victimae Paschali Catalogue Number: SIMAX ...

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    Henning Kraggerud plays Vivaldi's winter in the Arctic circle


    In this video, Henning Kraggerud and the Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra play the first movement of Vivaldi’s ‘Winter’ from The Four Seasons. Kraggerud’s recording of the full cycle , along with his own companion pieces, was released earlier this year. The exterior scenes featuring Kraggerud were filmed near ...

  • Yokohama

    Lena Yokohama plays Vivaldi on newly restored 1749 Santo Serafin violin


    In this video at the Violin Museum, Cremona (Museo del Violino), Japanese violinist Lena Yokohama plays a 1749 Santo Serafin violin. The museum has been coordinating the violin’s restoration on behalf of the Russian state collection, with Cremona-based luthiers Bruce Carlson and Bernard Neumann carrying out the work over ...

  • Vivaldi Opp 11+12

    Vivaldi: Violin Concertos opp.11 and 12


    The Str ad Issue: March 2017 Description: Guglielmo is muscular and eloquent in Vivaldi's final collections Musicians: Pier Luigi Fabretti (oboe), L'Arte dell'Arco/Federico Guglielmo (violin) Composer: Vivaldi Catalogue number: BRILLIANT CLASSICS 95048 (2 CDs) Federico Guiglielmo gives persuasive performances of the ...