Sophisticated and sparkling playing from a tightly knit trio of siblings

Trio Metral: Mendelssohn

Trio Metral: Mendelssohn

The Strad Issue: October 2019

Description: Sophisticated and sparkling playing from a tightly knit trio of siblings

Musicians: Trio Metral

Works: MENDELSSOHN Piano Trios: no.1 in D minor op.49, no.2 in C minor op.66

Catalogue Number: APARTE AP198


The playing of the three siblings of Trio Metral is unfailingly mellifluous, with tonal beauty and sophisticated interplay of voices. In the Mendelssohn D minor Trio’s first movement they are at once languid and suffused with energy, their tone vibrant and full-bodied; they can certainly raise the temperature when the composer is at his most passionate. The slow movement floats along, warm and elegant. In the Scherzo there is some grit with the lightness and rhythmic élan, and the staccato sparkles. Mendelssohn asks for appassionato in the Finale, and they respond with propulsive, dynamic playing, but there is lightness here too. The transition from full fervent flight into dolce cello melody is a delight.

They convey the febrile nervous energy at the outset of the C minor Trio with constant shifts of dynamic, highlighting the melodic contours, and maintain tension and urgency throughout. In the second movement there is a feeling of underlying frailty, with some beautiful dialogue between the strings. The Scherzo scampers terrifically, the staccato semiquavers bone dry and motoric. The nervous energy of the opening movement flows through the Finale as well, with delicate playing in the first appearance of the chorale, and grandeur later. The recording is warm, clear and well balanced.