French cellist Jean-Guihen Queyras discusses recording Beethoven’s ‘Triple’ Concerto during the pandemic, and the value of working with his musical ‘family’

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JEAN-GUIHEN QUEYRAS: The French cellist talks to Pauline Harding about socially distanced concerts, contemporary composers and his recording of Beethoven’s ‘Triple’ Concerto

CT SCANNING THE ’MESSIAH’: In 2016 Stradivari’s best-known violin underwent a non-invasive examination. Francesco Piasentini and Gregg Alf reveal the findings, particularly in the neck area

GEORGE NEIKRUG: Students of the renowned US cello tutor, who died in 2019 at the age of 100, recount their fondest memories of his teaching style to Benjamin Whitcomb

SESSION REPORT: Charlotte Gardner discovers how Renaud Capuçon’s latest recording of Elgar’s Violin Concerto came about in the midst of lockdown

BASIC MAINTENANCE: From tracking down a buzz to dealing with sticking pegs, there are many ways in which players can take care of their instruments. Korinthia Klein reveals how

TWO-FINGERED TCHAIKOVSKY: LA violinist Clayton Haslop explains how he managed to carry on playing despite focal dystonia and a shoulder injury almost finishing his career

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We inspect a 1929 violin by Danish luthier Jens Nielsen Frost in In Focus; in Trade Secrets Renate Fink shares her method for making a partial plaster cast for use in repair work; My Space looks behind the scenes in the workshop of London-based luthier Jonathan Hill; and in Making Matters Alan Beavitt talks about making a fingerboard with the smallest possible amount of ebony.

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