Andrew Dipper shows how the 1693 ‘Harrison’ Stradivari violin signifies the start of a critical phase in the master luthier’s career

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ANTONIO STRADIVARI ‘HARRISON’ VIOLIN 1693 A prime example of the master luthier’s ‘Long Pattern’, it used to be the principal performing instrument of Kyung Wha Chung. Andrew Dipper takes a closer look

PAVEL ŠPORCL The Czech violinist tells Amanda Holloway about his world-premiere recording of Jan Kubelík’s First Concerto – and why he chooses to play a blue violin

A VIOLINIST IN BAYREUTH Thomas Eisner of the London Philharmonic Orchestra reveals what went on when he joined the orchestra of the Bayreuth Festival this past summer

FRANÇOIS XAVIER TOURTE Born 275 years ago, the master bow maker displayed his creativity in every bow he crafted. Paul Childs compares and contrasts two examples from his late period

SESSION REPORT Peter Quantrill talks to cellist Pablo Ferrández about his collaboration with Anne-Sophie Mutter on a recording of Brahms and Clara Schumann

FELIX YANIEWICZ In 1815 the Polish–Lithuanian violinist and composer became one of the co-founders of the Edinburgh Festival. David Kettle tells his story


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IN FOCUS David Rattray inspects a 1756 Baroque cello by Scottish luthier Robert Duncan

TRADE SECRETS Michael Daddona presents a detailed method for fitting a violin bridge

MY SPACE Edinburgh-based maker Steve Burnett

MAKING MATTERS How the set-up can change an instrument’s timbre and volume

MASTERCLASS Timothy Ridout on playing Hummel’s Potpourri for viola and orchestra

TECHNIQUE Methods of playing jazz, Indian and Middle Eastern music

LIFE LESSONS Violinist Vesko Eschkenazy

OPINION Why playing chamber music is instrumental to the learning process

POSTCARD FROM SANTANDER A report from the 2022 Encounter festival in Spain

FROM THE ARCHIVE From December 1902

SENTIMENTAL WORK Philippe Quint explains what the Franck Violin Sonata means to him

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  • Read Thomas Eisner’s thoughts on playing at Bayreuth, with a gallery of images from the operas he performed in
  • More photos from Encounter, the annual music festival in Santander, Spain, in this month’s Postcard 
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  • Extra images of this month’s In Focus instrument, a 1786 Baroque cello by Robert Duncan
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