The orchestra will perform in the grounds of Sychrov Castle, just outside Prague, under music director Semyon Bychkov on 24 June


The Czech Philharmonic gives an open air concert in 2018

The Czech Philharmonic is to perform for an audience of over 500 on 24 June. The open-air concert, featuring 62 orchestral players, will take place in the grounds of Sychrov Castle, just outside Prague, conducted by chief conductor and music director Semyon Bychkov in his first appearance with the Orchestra since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

On the programme will be Mendelssohn’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream Overture and Scherzo, followed by Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto in E flat major featuring soloist Stanislav Masaryk. Beethoven’s Symphony no.5 will close the concert, which will be broadcast live on Czech TV and via the Czech Philharmonic’s Facebook page.

In line with current Czech Covid-19 guidelines, audience seating will be arranged 20 centimetres apart. Prior to the concert each of the musicians taking part, in addition to Bychkov, Masaryk and presenter Marek Eben, will be tested for coronavirus. 

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Sychrov Castle

Semyon Bychkov commented: ’Under any circumstance it is always a source of joy to come back to our beloved Czech Philharmonic and its public, however short or long our separation may have been. Yet this time is unlike any other. All of us had to be apart for many months, reduced to a musical silence and worrying about the well-being of all our colleagues and their families, as well as humanity in general. The pandemic isn’t over, the fight for life continues. Except now a new medication is allowed which heals the soul. It is of course music, whose spiritual power sustains us in life’s most difficult moments. Even more than ever we all need the kind of music that is life affirming, that simply carries the joy of living, the strength of the human spirit and its capacity to absorb the losses that come its way. The music of Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Haydn that we will perform for you on 24 June represents exactly the life we lead, the challenges we face and our ability to overcome them. Welcome to our Celebration of Life!’

The Czech Philharmonic launched a series of chamber concerts at the beginning of June, as soon lockdown regulations were eased enough for performing for audiences to resume.

The orchestral performance on 24 June is given in honour of doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals from across the Czech Republic who have been fighting the pandemic and who will form a large proportion of the invited guests.