This illustration of a violin by Joseph Guarneri was published in The Strad, January 1914. The following text is extracted from the article accompanying the photographs:

There may be many interested in Italian work who, either ‘know not Joseph’, son of Andrea Guarneri, or in some way confuse his productions with those of his more distinguished cousin, Joseph del Gesù.

His instruments almost always possess a tone of beautiful quality. His scrolls vary. The earlier ones have a good deal of Amati character about them, though often more vigorously cut. The head of the violin illustrated is a very fine example.

The instrument is authenticated by the certificate of Messers. Hart and Son, dated 16 January 1902. It possesses an original label, the date from which is missing, but judging from the character of the workmanship, was evidently before 1700. What is perhaps of more interest is the fact that below the label is one of Jerome Amati II, son of Niccolo, stating that he repaired and overhauled the fiddle in 1702.

The measurements are: length of body, 13 7/8 inches full – this is the usual length measurement – width of upper bouts, 6 7/16 inches; lower bouts, 8 inches bare; height of sides, 1 1/8 to 1 1/8 full.

Both back and belly are of beautiful wood, the former of foreign growth with the broad markings. The varnish, as always, is of a very fine texture, and red-brown in colour; the tone round, liquid, and very equal.