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  • edicoson-ruiz

    Bach on the double bass: Edicson Ruiz performs the First Cello Suite


    The double bass on performing Bach on the instrument

  • Bottesini centre stage
  • Pedro Valls
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    Double Bassist magazine: Nights in the gardens of Spain


    Without the arrival of the Neapolitan double bass players at the beginning of the 18th century, the history of the bass in Spain may have been quite different. Xosé Crisanto Gandara examines the evidence, in this article taken from the Spring 2001 issue of our now-discontinued sister publication, Double Bassist

  • testingbottesinibass_961285

    ‘Make it sing’ - Thomas Martin on playing Bottesini


    Bass player Thomas Martin shares his thoughts on the music of Bottesini, in this extract from the Winter 2000 issue of the now discontinued magazine, Double Bassist

  • Young Thomas Martin
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    Double bassist Thomas Martin: Man for all seasons


    Thomas Martin has tried practically every hat, from orchestra principal to soloist, teacher and instrument maker. Katinka Welz meets the eclectic bass personality in this article taken from the Winter 2000 issue of our now-discontinued sister publication, Double Bassist

  • Bosch surrounded by young musicians from the I, Culture Orchestra in Poland, for which he acted as double bass tutor from 2013-14
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    Leon Bosch: Irrepressible Drive


    South African-born double bassist Leon Bosch has held top orchestral posts and performed as a soloist on multiple international stages since arriving in the UK in 1982. But, as he tells Kimon Daltas, now is not the time to rest on his laurels, as new works and new challenges await

  • Olivier Babaz

    Slapping with the bow - a double bass lesson from Olivier Babaz


    This lesson is taken from Discover Double Bass’s upcoming course, ‘Jazz Bowing’ by the French double bassist Olivier Babaz. Scheduled for release on 7th May, it comprises 61 lessons over 5 hours and is a step-by-step course on jazz bowing technique. It will be available at This first lesson, ...

  • Francois rabbath

    François Rabbath

    François Rabbath was born in Aleppo, Syria into a musical family. Having began the double bass at the age of 13, Rabbath studied at the Paris Conservatoire and began his career accompanying Jacque Brel, Charles Aznavour, Michel Legrand among others. In 1963 he made his first solo ...

  • Serge koussevitzky

    Serge Koussevitzky

    Russian born Serge Koussevitzky began his career as a double bass soloist but was best known for his 25-year stint as conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Raised in a musical family, Koussevitzky's initial instruction in music came from his parents until he was granted a scholarship ...

  • Gary karr 2

    Gary Karr

    Born into a family that had been playing the double bass for seven generations, at the age of nine, Gary Karr began to play alongside his grandfather, father, uncle and two cousins in LA-based orchestras. He continued to do so until he entered UCLA, where he studied ...

  • Domenico dragonetti

    Domenico Dragonetti

    Domenico Dragonetti was Europe's first - and possibly the world's finest - virtuoso double bassist. Born in Venice, the son of a poor barber, he received violin instruction from a local shoemaker, who later persuaded him to take up the double bass. The young Dragonetti demonstrated prodigious ...

  • Leon bosch

    Leon Bosch

    Born in Cape Town, but now a British citizen, Leon Bosch graduated from the University of Cape Town before continuing his studies at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. He made his London solo debut with the Philharmonia Orchestra in 1984 and has since appeared ...