In her first Practice with Nicky video, Nicola Benedetti focuses on building a routine. The violinist says: ‘Over the next couple of months, we’re going to take you through a host of practice tips. I hope there will be something there for everyone! But please let us know if you have questions or suggestions of what you want us to focus on!’


Practice Tip No. 1 – Daily Routine


Practising every day with a concentrated mind is one of the single hardest things to do! Try to establish a routine and be able to fulfil at least the fundamentals of this on a daily basis.


We have made a little checklist for you of things we think you can conceivably include every day:


1) Calm and Focused Mind

2) Sound

3) Weight

4) Trust

5) Intonation / Listening

6) Where is your Heart?

7) Repertoire

8) Separate and Simplify

9) Calm Attitude to the Hardest Parts


Let’s see if we can try out touching on all of these subjects every day this week. If your practice time is really limited, perhaps just pick one or two each day and concentrate on those.