Ébène Quartet violinists Pierre Colombet and Gabriel Le Magadure speak from their separate homes about their Beethoven Around the World project, and the life of a quartet separated by lockdown.

On the prospect of working together via Zoom, Colombet says: ’Chamber music is aptly named; it’s meant to be played  in a room all together, and if it’s played with headphones without feeling the energy of others… Chamber music is very physical. One can broadcast a concert on a streaming platform with good microphones and a beautiful camera - that’s different - but when it comes to re-recording or recording on iPhone - even rehearsals - there isn’t what we need in the air and what we need to feel. Certain things can be misinterpreted by our ears or by not feeling the vibrations.’

The interview is conducted by Charles Sigel for the Verbier Festival.

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