To tie in with the release of her Schubert disc, the violinist talks about the importance of maintaining consistency and a sense of effortless joy in your practice

Ariadne Daskalakis

1. Pursue a consistent practice routine which includes scales, exercises for both hands and a combination of familiar and new repertoire.

2. The ‘first time’ rule: all your practice should lead to the goal of being able to perform a piece to the best of your ability, regardless of distractions, ‘the first-time through’ on stage or in a lesson.

3. While music feeds the soul, you must also take good care of your body. Playing your instrument shouldn’t be the physically most challenging thing in your life. In order to play effortlessly you want your body to be at its strongest.

4. Technique and musical intent should always be intertwined. Your musical goals should always dictate your technical approach. In other words, technique and music aren’t two different planets, but rather they should be (happily) married. 

5. In your practice you should emulate the impression you want audiences to receive from your artistry and playing skills. To sum it up in two words: effortless joy!


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