Andrew Mellor speaks to the members of the Danish Quartet as they celebrate their 20th anniversary

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DANISH QUARTET: The Copenhagen-based foursome talk to Andrew Mellor about their philosophy, interest in folk music and combining a relaxed approach with a focus on details

LUTHERIE IN ARGENTINA: The influx of Italian migrants in the early 20th century saw an explosion of violin making in the South American country. Lionnel Genovart examines their work

NATALIA SHAKHOVSKAYA: One of the most influential Russian cello pedagogues of the 20th century, she became well known for her work ethic. Oskar Falta speaks to former students

SESSION REPORT: Peter Quantrill talks to members of the New York-based Calidore Quartet about their new recording of Beethoven’s late string quartets

THE BARYTON: The distant cousin of the viola da gamba fell out of favour after the Baroque era, but is now enjoying a resurgence in interest. Gavin Dixon explores the reasons why

CREMONESE MEASUREMENTS: How did the early Italian makers keep to the same proportions for so many instruments? Simone Zopf argues they needed just one basic measurement


In our regular sections:

IN FOCUS: A 1957 cello by Sesto Rocchi

TRADE SECRETS: Bow maker Iris Zhulla’s intricate method for repairing a thumb groove

MY SPACE: Bern-based luthiers Lerice Nager and Savannah Childers give a tour of their workshop

MAKING MATTERS: Andrew Carruthers presents his innovative range of ‘Off-Beat Violins’

MASTERCLASS: Tessa Lark on the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto’s second movement

TECHNIQUE: US cellist Seth Parker Woods gives hints and tips on practising octaves

LIFE LESSONS: With cellist Jean-Guiyen Queyras

OPINION: Why do there need to be so many regional differences in orchestral tuning?

POSTCARD FROM LUNDSGAARD: A festival organised by the Trio con Brio Copenhagen

FROM THE ARCHIVE: An interview with the 18-year-old Marie Hall, from March 1903

SENTIMENTAL WORK: Peter Sheppard Skærved on what Viotti’s Ranz des Vaches means to him


Plus, in your March digital edition:

  • Lutherie in Argentina: all-round photos of instruments by some of the country’s finest makers, including Alfredo del Lungo, Dante Baldoni and Lucien L’Humbert
  • Baryton player Matthew Baker discusses his instrument, accompanied by audio clips of Haydn baryton trios by his group, the Valencia Baryton Project
  • More fascinating examples of the Danish Quartet’s innovative approach to press photos
  • Making Matters: extra pictures of Andrew Carruthers’s extraordinary range of ‘Off Beat Violins’, inspired by the forms of the natural world
  • Listen to clips from the Calidore Quartet’s recording of Beethoven’s late quartets in Session Report, while reading their thoughts about the works
  • Emma Baker reports from Trio con Brio Copenhagen’s festival at Lundsgaard, Denmark, with bonus photos from the final night
  • My Space: more from the workshop of Bern-based luthiers Lerice Nager and Savannah Childers
  • Plus, clips from the three recordings deemed worthy of the title, ‘The Strad Recommends’

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