The French cellist played Fauré’s Après un rêve before speaking to reporters outside the ravaged building

Cellist Gautier Capuçon performed on his 1701 Gofriller in the shadow of Notre-Dame de Paris, which was ravaged by fire in the evening of 15 April. He performed Fauré’s Apres un rêve, before telling journalists from the Europe 1 broadcaster: ‘It’s more like “After a nightmare” this morning. I was at home when I saw the initial flames. I couldn’t help but to come here - I needed to see it with my own eyes.’ 

The cellist added that Notre-Dame was ’a monument that belongs to us all – Catholic, French, or Parisian. Ever since coming to Paris, I have seen the cathedral every day – it’s a part of my life. To see it in flames is a terrifying thing.’ He also said that he hoped his playing would bring ‘a message of hope’.

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