The ‘Save the wood of Stradivari’ campaign has raised 230 thousand euros, which has been used to recover 3,000 resonant spruces

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Following the devastation of Stradivari’s forests in the Val di Fiemme region of Italy during storms in October 2018, a recent crowdfunding campaign has given cause for optimism. 

Initiated by the entrepreneur Fabio Ognibeni di Tesero, the ‘Save the wood of Stradivari’ campaign has raised €230,000 from 870 donors, which has been used to recover 3,000 resonant spruces torn down by storm Vaia last October. These will be turned into soundboards for 35,000 musical instruments – among them around 15,000 pianos, 2,200 concert harps and 20,000 violin instruments – whose sale will generate the income to reimburse the campaign donors. 

Ognibeni, whose company Ciresa produces soundboards, wood for violin making and loudspeakers, said: ‘Given that for a few years no trees will be cut in the Fiemme woods, we were able to harvest the wood needed to produce soundboards for the next 4-5 years. Without this help our production would have stopped.’

He concluded: ‘In five years we will be able to return to normal, because we hope that normal cutting will be able to resume. I want to clarify that, thanks to this generous response, I was able to pay for each log harvested at full price, without speculating on the lower prices.’

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