Some of the most photogenic workspaces to have graced The Strad’s pages in the past few years

In July 2020 we received a letter from Krishna García-Martínez of Santa Barbara, California:

I am a nine-year-old violinist who loves your magazine. I especially love the My Space section that shows all the amazing violin workshops. I think they are very interesting images. I am currently working with my Suzuki method Book 3 and I look forward to receiving your magazine each month. I hope to be in it one day!

So, just for Krishna, we decided to put together a special gallery of some of the nicest workshops from the My Space section over the past few years. It features the workspaces of luthiers in France, Germany, the US, Australia and - of course - Cremona, and each of them have customised the space to their own requirements. Each photo caption includes a few wise words from the luthiers featured in the My Space section.

Do you know of a workshop that should be featured in My Space? Perhaps you’ve taken your instrument to be repaired there, or even worked there for a time. If you have, why not send in some photos to and maybe it could be featured in a future My Space section.

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