A London Philharmonic Orchestra (LPO) violinist who was disciplined after signing a letter in protest against the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra performing at the 2011 BBC Proms has had her claim of discrimination struck out by an employment tribunal.

Sarah Streatfeild was one of four LPO musicians who put their names on the letter to the Independent newspaper in which they were identified as members of the orchestra. Streatfeild was subsequently suspended for six months for causing damage to the LPO's reputation.

Streatfeild claimed that the orchestra had discriminated against her because of her humanist beliefs. According to a report in XpertHR, although an employment tribunal accepted that her beliefs were covered until the Equality Act 2010, it struck out her claim because the orchestra had no knowledge of her beliefs, and therefore her case had 'no reasonable prospect of success'.

The violinist also brought claims of victimisation and harassment, but the tribunal warned that she had little chance of winning those claims, and ordered her to pay a £250 deposit if she wanted to go ahead.