This illustration of a violin by A.S.P. Bernadel was published in The Strad, January 1976

The following text is extracted from the article accompanying the photographs:

This month's illustration is of an interesting French violin by one of France's finest nineteenth century luthiers, Auguste Sebastien Philippe Bernadel, better known as 'Bernadel père', who was born at Mirecourt in 1802 and served as a violin maker in his native town, but with whom it is not known.

An interesting feature of the violin illustrated is that it bears the following manuscript label:


Elève de Gand

Luthier de Conservatoire

Avignon 1850

It would appear that Bernadel worked from time to time away from Paris as another manuscipt label is known reading:


Elève de Gand

chez Berard Á  Avignon 1828

The authenticity of the example illustrated is certified by the well-known Swiss luthier, Pierre Vidoudez of Geneva. It is now the property of the distinguished American violinist Louis Kaufman, who purchased it on a recent visit to Europe.