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  • Petrus_of_Venice

    From the archive: a violin by Pietro Guarneri of Venice, 1737


    This instrument by Petrus Guarnerius, Venice, 1737, is published in The Strad, January 1928. The following extract is taken from text accompanying the photographs: Known by the name of Petrus of Venice, to distinguish him from his uncle of the same name who worked for many years in Mantua, our ...

  • Daniel_Parker_cello

    From the archive: a cello by Daniel Parker


    This cello made by the 18th century English maker Daniel Parker appeared in the September 1930 issue of The Strad, accompanied by the following text (extract): No lions menaced our Daniel, his danger coming from humbler, duller creatures. Rarity of examples and the inflexibility of orthodoxy were the factors which ...

  • IMG_3763

    Can you guess this violin from the Library of Congress?


    The Library of Congress instrument collection includes this violin, once played by Evelyn Spitalny. It's labelled as a Bergonzi, but curator Carol Lynn Ward-Bamford is not so sure. Do you have any ideas?

  • Antoni_Sala

    String players for Movember – classic moustaches from The Strad archives


    Movember is the new November. To signal our support for the Movember mission, we hereby present our gallery of top ten classical moustaches from The Strad archives. With over a hundred years of magazines to choose from there were rich pickings to be had – at least enough for the ...

  • Joseph_Rocca_1847

    From the archive: an 1847 Joseph Rocca


    This 1847 Rocca was featured in the March 1915 issue of The Strad, accompanied by the following text:   ‘There is something in the nature of evidence that the subject of this article was a member of a family of makers. That he worked with Pressenda is certain; but it ...

  • Hendrik_Jacobs_1704

    From the archive: a violin by Hendrik Jacobs, 1704


    This instrument, featured in The Strad, August 1938, was published with the following text: There is a legend that Hendrik Jacobs worked as an apprentice with Nicolò Amati at Cremona – where he was known as Enricus Jacobus – and that before returning to Amsterdam with a quantity of choice ...

  • Guadagnini 1755

    From the archive: a 1755 Guadagnini


    This 1755 Guadagnini was featured in the May 1935 issue of The Strad, accompanied by the following text:  'The particular violin which is illustrated in this issue enjoys the distinction of having been chosen by a well-known American violinist in preference to a Stradivari which was offered at the ...

  • 2173_001

    The Ostrovsky technique of hand formation - or tendinitis?


    A series of advertisements from The Strad, 1914, shows a system for strengthening the hands that looks more like a torture tool. No less than Efrem Zimbalist recommended it as 'epoch-making': more probably, pain-making.

  • Stradivari pattern

    From Stradivari's workshop


    Stradivari's tools, moulds and templates have been transplanted from the Museo Stradivariano in Cremona and are now on display in the city's new Museo del Violino – alongside instruments from Cremona's most important collections. To navigate through the gallery, click on any picture and use the left and right ...

  • doc_pastorsletter_code highlights

    Marsch–Impromptu sheet music could be key to Mittenwald buried treasure


    Mittenwald in southern Germany has been playing host to a treasure hunt by Dutch film-maker Leon Giesen, who believes that gold and diamonds hoarded by the Nazis lies buried somewhere in the town. The clues are allegedly to be found in the sheet music of a ‘Marsch–Impromptu’ by Gottfried Federlein, ...

  • IMG_3259

    A very significant violin


    At the European String Teachers Association conference in Oxford, Jean Sibelius's granddaughter Satu Jalas gave a session on her relative's Violin Concerto. She performed some of it on the violin he once owned, and which he played at the time he composed the great work. Jalas explained that the the ...

  • sala 10 liutai

    Cremona's new violin museum


    Cremona's new Museo del Violino has its long-awaited opening on 14 September. Here's a taste of what visitors can see inside. Photos: Mino Biocchi/MDV

  • London Philharmonic players

    Concert programmes from the 1950s


    Programmes collected by the editor's father in the 1950s shine a light on some of the forgotten heroes of the orchestral scene in London at the time.  Did you know any of these players? Did you study with them? Share your memories and thoughts of this great generation of string ...

  • 29679u

    Albert Spalding: 1888–1953


    At the height of his career, Albert Spalding was known – and indeed publicised – as ‘The Greatest American Violinist’. Born on 25 August 1888 – 125 years ago – he eschewed virtuoso histrionics in favour of a refined musical sensibility – an approach that brought him an international touring ...

  • gallery1

    Gasparo da Salò bass for Australian Chamber Orchestra


    The Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO) has been granted the use of a rare Gasparo da Salò double bass. Made in around 1580, it is one of around a dozen surviving basses by the luthier, regarded as one of the founders of the Brescian school of violin making. To navigate through ...

  • 0

    Does 18th-century orchestral drawing depict Mozart?


    An anonymous picture of a 24-piece Baroque chamber orchestra has been sold at auction in Brussels. Dating from around 1770, the large-scale pen-and-ink drawing is said to include an early depiction of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. To view the gallery, click on any picture and use the left and right ...

  • 1760 Guadagnini crop top

    Name that maker


    Do you know who made this violin, featured in The Strad, March 1918?

  • A-Man-and-a-Woman-seated-by-a-Virginal-(Gabriel-Metsu),-about-1665-cr-The-National-Gallery,-London

    Vermeer and his viols


    From 26 June to 8 September, London's National Gallery is displaying paintings by Johannes Vermeer alongside the works of his fellow 17th-century Dutch artists. To coincide with Vermeer and Music: The Art of Love and Leisure, an article in our July issue analyses the use of musical instruments in several ...

  • IMG_6204

    Stradivari exhibition at the Ashmolean


    A landmark stringed instrument exhibition opens today at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, UK. Stradivarius brings together 21 instruments by the Cremonese master, together with a display of his original tools, models and patterns. We went along to a sneak preview yesterday, and here are some photos to whet your ...

  • Chaplin Trio

    Female string players from the past


    Images from The Strad archives going back to the 19th century bring back to life some of the forgotten female string players of the past, and prove how appearance has always been important in classical music