Mittenwald in southern Germany has been playing host to a treasure hunt by Dutch film-maker Leon Giesen, who believes that gold and diamonds hoarded by the Nazis lies buried somewhere in the town. The clues are allegedly to be found in the sheet music of a ‘Marsch–Impromptu’ by Gottfried Federlein, pictured here. According to Giesen and journalist Karl Hammer Kaatee, the marks and typewritten comments above each line of music may have been added by Hitler's private secretary Martin Bormann, as clues to the whereabouts of the so-called 'Tears of the Wolf'.

The typewritten headings read:

Wo Matthias die Saiten streichelt

Edelweiss über Schwarzwald

Kein Wasser Kalt

Predigtstuhl Kreuz u. Kranz

Nordost die Krone

Enden der Tanz

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All photos courtesy Karl Hammer Kaatee