This illustration of a violin by Giuseppe Gagliano was published in The Strad, March 1978. The following text is extracted from the article accompanying the photographs:

The handsome Gagliano illustrated here is by Giuseppe, the second son of Nicolo whose models he followed. For some years Giuseppe shared a workshop with his brother Antonio, and it is difficult in some instances to decide which of the two brothers is responsible for a violin bearing their joint label. Fortunately a number of violins have the brothers' individual label, as is the case of the characteristic and well-preserved example illustrated here whose label reads:




POLI 1785

The back, in one piece, is of wood of pretty small figure, the sides matching. The head is quite plan and the varnish of a rich brown with orange tinge. The principal measurements are:

Length of Body 13 13/32 inches

Upper Bouts 6 5/8 inches

Lower Bouts 8 1/8 inches

The tone of this violin is described by its present owner, Mr. D. A. Stevenson, Head of N. Bucks Music Centre, Bletchley, as outstandingly good, it has great penetration and clarity combined with a tonal depth and persuasiveness, qualities which are peculiar to old Italian instruments. Its authenticity is certified by William E. Hill and Sons, who sold it in the 1880s and again in 1918 as the date on their certificate shows.