This illustration of a violin by Andrea Guarneri was published in The Strad, January 1926. The following text is extracted from an article accompanying the photographs:

At one time this was the sole instrument of Carl von Weber, the composer; and is now in the collection brought together and owned by the late Mr C.B. Lutyens.

A glance at the photograph is sufficient to convince anyone of the beauty of outline, the splendid material, and the grand ensemble of perfection of this fine example of the luthier’s art.

Worthy of notice is the wonderful character of the pine used for the belly. It is of fairly hard reed; the curl of the ‘water-mark’ is plainly seen. The back, in two pieces, is of a broader frame than is found in many of these instruments.

Andrea Guarneri was born in Cremona in the year 1626. It is recorded that he was a pupil of Nicholas Amati.