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  • Pekka Kuusisto Aurora Orchestra

    Pekka Kuusisto on Thomas Adès's violin concerto 'Concentric Paths'


    Pekka Kuusisto will be performing the work as part of Aurora Orchestra’s ‘Music of the Spheres Tour’, a concert inspired by the ancient Greek idea that the revolution of the planets generates celestial music. Part of its Orchestral Theatre series, the production incorporates elements of lighting, visuals, animation ...

  • 007_Aurora_Model_Figures_SW_D8F8930

    Model players – how the Aurora Orchestra was made miniature


    Not all new season brochures make headlines, but the cover shoot for the Aurora Orchestra’s 2014 booklet is so startlingly original as to deserve not only the attention it has already received, but a bit of further explanation. Tired of the usual aerial shots and action ...