As part of the Portland Winter Light Festival 2019, the facade of the PSU library becomes a canvas for the projected silhouette of violinist Tomás Cotik.

Cotik explains: ‘Ombra’ Musici, (english translation: Musician’s Shadow), is an interdisciplinary work of “massive media.” “Massive media” takes a media form, such as film, and mixes it with architecture for the purposes of scale and reappropriation or repurposing of a public facade that in regular life sits inert and unnoticed. The work’s title, Ombra Musici, directly references the visual content of the work – shadows – which in Jungian psychology refer to an unconscious aspect of the personality: the instinctive and the irrational. The scale of the performance both symbolizes and conveys the full passion and emotion of the music to the public.’

  • Watch an explainer of the project